Bella Marsilia Tower

The Tower of the beautiful Maddox is located at the western side of the municipality of Magliano in Toscana, in the heart of the Maremma natural park, on a Foothill overlooking hills of the Uccellina mountains inland.
The Tower of the beautiful Maddox has a quadrangular section; on the outside walls, entirely covered in stone, open some loopholes and embrasures.
The gateway, located on the mezzanine floor above the cordon delimiting the base shoe, remained isolated following the loss of the original external staircase with wooden drawbridge ending, which led to what was the only entry point to the tower.

The legend of Bella Marsilia gave the tower  its name. Stems from an incident that seems to have really happened on 22 April 1543.

On that year there was an unexpected pirate RAID in the area, during which ollastu Barbarossa kidnapped the young Marguerite Marsili , and its beauty was called by all Bella Joven. The girl was in fact kidnapped and taken away by the pirates; When the Sultan Suleiman  saw the girl he’d fallen in love so much that he welcomed her into his harem.
This episode, the boundary between history and legend, gave the present name to the Tower, taking the nickname with which it was called the beautiful girl; previously, the defensive structure was called torre di Collecchio.

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