Tenuta Fertuna

Tenuta Fertuna is located in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, among green hills of wild nature that make it crown and infinite spaces of light towards the Tyrrhenian Sea. The place is simple and solitary, where the dominant note is given by nature  and spontaneous vegetation where the hand of man acted, without overpowering, drawing an amphitheatre of vineyards. Fertuna faces for about 1 km along the path of the “Ancient Via Aurelia” traced by the Romans since the III century BC, a work that has allowed Rome to bring and consolidate its dominion. The Gulf of Follonica, Castiglione della Pescaia and Punta Ala are the frame that complete a dream setting.




FERTUNA is the realization of the productive dream of a group of wine professionals with well over a century of experience behind them. Several generations and many different experiences have given life to this project, which is devoted to maturity.

We like to use the name chosen, to refer to the almost rarefied atmosphere that you breathe in it. You feel the sense of a place suspended in time and space, pervaded by a magical sense. The Name is the fusion between fertility (fertus) and luck (fortuna).

The company Founded in 1997 is engaged in the production of wines and extra-virgin olive oil PGI. This area, once a cradle of Etruscan and then Roman civilization, testifies that from the past it was recognized as an ideal place to live, work the land and progress thanks to the richness of the territorial positioning.




The estate covers an area of ​​145 hectares.

In the heart of the estate is the business complex consisting of Villa, Cellar and Storeroom.

Initially built at the beginning of the 20th century, the Villa di Fertuna was used as a home for peasants who worked the fertile lands of the company in ancient times. A redevelopment project started in 2009 and allowed the Villa to resume a new splendour. A skilful restoration work has allowed to keep the old columns merged at the beginning of the century in the nearby Piombino. The ground floor houses the accommodation facilities, while the side towards the pool and the entire upper floor, is dedicated to the six private suites dedicated to the six labels of Fertuna wines and to three large apartments reserved for guests of the Estate.

Two hectares of Italian garden surround the Villa. A selection of fruit plants with different ripening and a series of flowers with blooms in the year create a play of colours and fragrances. The old well and the wash house have been restored and put into operation again. Some benches have been positioned to create moments of relaxation for our guests. A connection from the garden leads to the pool area surrounded by green vineyards. At night the garden comes to life with a play of light that characterizes its shapes.

In the center of the Villa, on the ground floor, there is the Fertuna wine shop. This space open to the public allows you to see and taste all the products of the Estate. In the wine shop you can also find the most historical vintages produced by the Estate starting from 2002.

A room to pamper our guests was created adjacent to the wine shop. A convivial space for small meetings, reading room and play area. A lighting system allows to enhance this space, privacy is total, but if you want it can be connected to other rooms to create events for up to 200 people. A mobile bar allows you to play with drinks and cocktails in total relaxation. 



Amorvino is the restaurant open to the public at Fertuna. An elegant space with a typical cuisine but with even more modern touches. The restaurant has both the possibility to welcome guests inside, and in the days that the Maremma gives, to serve their specialties in the outdoor dehor with a splendid view of the winery and the hill of Giuncarico.


Tradition and constructive simplicity are reflected in the modernly equipped cellar.

The glulam roof offers the right climate and insulation to perform the vinification operations in the best possible way. The structure is modular and the technological layout is well disposed allowing access to all. Wines are produced according to traditional guidelines in a clean and managed environment. Nothing is left to chance and perfectly harmonized with the surrounding nature.

The Estate has adopted a wastewater and rainwater recovery system, waste is managed in a rational manner and recovered where possible to minimize environmental impact.

The farm shed is the place where all the modern equipment we use for efficient wine management is kept. State-of-the-art tractors make field work easy.

The cultivation of Tenuta Fertuna today includes 50 hectares of vineyards and 10 hectares of olive groves.



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