Teatro delle Rocce

The Theatre of the Rocks, which opened in 2003, is now a symbol of the National Park of the Metalliferous Hills, became part of the European Network of Geoparks recognized by UNESCO. It is located in the municipality of Gavorrano, in the province of Grosseto, in Tuscany and belongs together with the Rocks Park Mining and Naturalistic Park of Gavorrano, one of the seven gates of the National Park.

The theater was housed in an old quarry near Gavorrano: there was born a unique cultural space for its charm and magic. Since 2003, every summer theater performances, concerts, dance performances, conferences, art exhibitions, big events. That was considered a degraded area becomes a meeting place and a place of culture.

La Cava di San Rocco – is the space in which neighborhood is the small semi-circular hollow where the theater is located. It was an open-cast mining extraction of limestone intended for the production of sterile material used for the stuffed tunnels and underground mining of the abandoned mine.

teatro delle rocce foto
The amphitheater –
The theater, which evokes the shape of a greek amphitheater, is designed to be “part of the quarry.” The steps that are home to the seats for spectators were designed to follow the trend of facing up to blend in a unique way and striking the points of contact with the rock face.
The location of the steps on the right side was chosen to preserve the stone structure at the center of the quarry front, keeping the impressive view over the old town of Gavorrano, natural scenic backdrop
From here you have a wonderful view of the village of Gavorrano and the green valley below.

The project and the environment – has been very hard place to safeguard every aspect of the landscape, which is why the vertical development of the theater was limited, resulting in a remarkable result of visual and harmonic effect.
That is why even the volumes allocated to service areas, necessary for theatrical activities, have been rendered invisible because placed under the bleachers or buried. The theater can accommodate up to 1400 people.

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