Steccaia Pyramid

Built by Leopold II of Lorraine, the pyramid lies at the back of Ponte ture, on the dam of the fence, at the end of a tree-lined avenue, where there is also a
Terrace overlooking the loop of the Ombrone River.
It is one of the symbols of the reclamation in Maremma, erected in 1830 to remember and fix in time the beginning of the work of reclamation of Grand Duke Leopold. In short it is from here that the Maremma is born as we know it today
The pyramid symbolizes the origin of our plain: and Ponte tura, remains still today a jewel of industrial archaeology of Reclamation, one of the most significant hydraulic works in Europe.
The falls with the Steccaia dam. It is an artificial ridge created in the nineteenth century to divert the river towards Grosseto.