Sasso Pisano

The urban structure of the town, despite the inevitable adaptations and the new buildings, retains its appearance of medieval fortress. The oldest inhabited nucleus, the Castle, stands in a dominant position to the top of the Hill, at the eastern end of the entire village. The walls have remained strong over time. One example is the pitfall visible within the village, so extensive as to look like a gallery.
In the castle of Sasso Pisano there is the church dedicated to Saint Bartholomew, an hexagonal building with original terracotta flooring, in times past Deanship. In the small chapel on the left side of the Church, of older age, there is preserved a painting of 1500 years, by an unknown artist.
Adjacent to the Church is a medieval bell tower which still marks the time, with bells every 30 minutes.
Sasso Pisano Roman and Etruscan Museum
The Antiquarium is set in the medieval village of Sasso Pisano. There are exposed the most interesting artifacts found during excavations in the archaeological area of  Bagnone including: a Minerva in lead and Tin, a small supplier in bronze (both of clear imprint volterrana), the 3rd century coins, a terracotta roof tiles tub with stamp in Etruscan characters and much more.
the cemetery’s wash-powered by hot water at 36° C.

To visit the lavatory, just follow the signs along the road. There are no schedules and the visit can be made in perfect autonomy.For more information, contact the Association Fumarole and/or the UTC of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina.