Farma Nature Reserve

The torrent Farma Nature Reserve, between Monticiano and Roccastrada, includes about 1500 hectares of valleys and hills with forests, small spaces and cultivated land for grazing.

The shape of the valley is the source of an eye-catching thermal inversion phenomenon, which is the basis of the particular micro-climatic conditions prevailing in the valley bottom, colonized by beech, from the maple of the mountain and even the birch and yew, plants typical of altitudes more.


Among the mammals are present in Otter and Iron major and minor horse, but also other protected animals like the marten, the polecat and the wild cat. Not far from the castle Belagaio there is a natural lake called “Pond of Troscia”, which is the ideal habitat of the alpine newt. Even the fish population is rich in important species, such as brook goby, dell’Ombrone chub, roach and barbel Apennine.


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