Pietre lanciate Geosites

The Stones are a geosite about one kilometre from the village of Bolsena, in the province of Viterbo, visible along the Via Cassia in the direction of Montefiascone in the locality La Fornacella. This rare geological monument is formed by rock prisms of volcanic origin emerging from the ground and due to some phases of the ancient volcanic activity in the area of Bolsena; The site of the Stones launched, part of the wider volcanic district Vulsino extends for some hundreds of meters along the ridge is flooded with vegetation, but the most valuable portion of 10 meters is cured and cleaned, protected as a geological heritage and part Of the natural beauties that have allowed to propose the lake of Bolsena and the Monti Volsi as World Heritage of UNESCO. The stones launched fall within the site of Community interest and special Protection zone “Monti Vulsini” (Code SIC-Spas: IT6010008).
The conformation of the Stones launched, immortalized since ancient times in prints and engravings, over the centuries struck the curiosity of the many travellers who set out on their way to Rome and still are a tourist attraction.



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