Pietro e Turiddo Lotti Archeological Museum

Established in 1958 as “Pietro lotti” Antiquarium, the Civic Museum of Ischia di Castro was redesigned in 2005 and is set in accordance with a provision of educational materials that follows a chronological path, from prehistory to the Renaissance.
Among the most interesting findings we can include the Flint implements and decorative art from the Paleolithic cave specimens of Settecannelle.
 The Etruscan civilization, as well as an extremely rare example of a wooden coffin, is widely documented by kneading and vases, decorated according to their tastes and techniques of the different periods, from the archaic period to the Hellenistic age. The Roman period refer to the remains back to light in the villa rustica of Selvicciola.

From the necropolis found in the same locality we can find some funerary objects, male and female, with weapons, personal ornaments and everyday objects.
The medieval period is evidenced by carvings already belonged to the Cathedral of s. Savino di Castro and six frescoes of the thirteenth century, coming from the charming Hermitage of Page Count.
The exhibition closes with a showcase of medieval pottery found in the throw of the Palazzo Farnese in Ischia di Castro.

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