Le Sode di Sant’Angelo

Between Legend and Reality

“Times were difficult in Maremma then: between war and famine, the only source of people’s livelihood was produce grown with difficulty on a small scrap of land.
One autumn day, an old farmer who was working in the fields saw his plough get stuck in the hard ground. After numerous and desperate attempts to recover his tool, the man was exhausted from cold and fatigue, and surrendered himself to his sad fate, freeing the horse from its heavy burden and walking home with despair in his heart.
Suddenly a light brighter than the sun illuminated his path and in the distance he saw an almost human figure go over to his plough, bringing it back to the surface.
Afraid and incredulous, the man began to pray, thanking the angel from heaven that allowed him to complete his work.”
Le Sode di Sant’Angelo agricultural company is named after the legend that has been passed down for generations around the hills of Massa Marittima. It may not be a magical land and it may not be tended by an angel, but the area certainly produces excellent wine thanks to human intervention.



Our Estate

The “Sode di Sant’Angelo” estate is located in the hilly area of Montebamboli, in the heart of the Tuscan region of Maremma, in an area between the picturesque coast of Tuscany and the heights of the metalliferous hills.
The property covers 40 hectares in the Maremma DOC

(Controlled Designation of Origin) region, divided among vineyards, olive groves and various kinds of arable land. These lands, located between Grosseto and Siena, have been known since the time of the Etruscans for the presence of iron ore, copper, lead, zinc and deposits of gypsum.

It is in this TUSCAN ELDORADO, particularly rich in silica, clay and minerals, that the highest quality wines are produced; these wines are characterised by intense aromas and pleasant scents.

The constant presence of sea breezes, combined with the lack of spring rainfall, foster the perfect ripeness of the grapes, giving our wines an unmistakable qualitative note.


Le Sode di Sant’Angelo, the character of Maremma

A project based on quality and territory: author wines and ambitious plans

This winery is a growing reality in one of the most suited Tuscan areas for winemaking. Its strenght points are the pursuit of quality, a peculiar care for marketing and a touristic vocation. The vines grow in a soil rich of gypsum and minerals that give to the wine sapid inklings. “We produce two Maremma Toscana Doc labels – says Luca Purgatorio, the owner – a Sangiovese 80%, Sassi Dautore, and a Vermentino in purity, Le Gessaie”. Beside these wines there is Dautore: a selection of teh best grapes of every harvest: the buttonhole of Le Sode di Sant’Angelo.




Wine tasting and Shop

from 10 September to 15 April
Monday to Friday from 08 to 18


from 15 April to 10 September 
Monday to Friday from 08 to 18
Saturdays and Sundays from 09/12 and 15 / 19
info +39 3392579945 Marco Serafini



Soc. Agricola Le sode di Sant’Angelo S.r.l.

Loc Montebamboli – 58024, Massa Marittima (Grosseto)

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