La Biagiola

La Biagiola is a young company, founded with the intention of offering high quality wines, looking for Balance and Harmony in the tastes and flavors. Our choice is to produce wines with a strong Identity and Tipicity through the expression of numerous and exceptional tones of our grape varieties. <I 54
The vines are cultivated in the bi st Respect of the habitat, on a generous soil, since ancient times intended to vineyards. The extreme attention in getting healthy grapes with excellent characteristics is placed alongside updated Know-how and Technology, to ensue every winemaking process in a optimal and reliable way.



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The discovery of the site of “La Biagiola” in 2004, by the voluntary Association “Gruppo Archologico Torinese” (GAT) is of utmost importance: it is, infact, a testimony of the lesser-known aspects of Sovana history
The site, in fact, has the peculiarity of its multilayer stratification:a Roman Villa grew over a late Etruscan settlement; afterwards, the Roman facilities were re-used by Lombard group during the early middle ages, when the site was turned into a cemetery.

Those graves, that have already been excavated, contained precious and interesting goods.

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            Loc. Pianetti, C.S. Casale
Sovana di Sorano Grosseto 58010 Italia


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Cellulare: +393666766400