Paul Fuchs Sound Garden

The Garden  is an artistic park located in a rural area near Boccheggiano, in the municipal territory of Montieri (GR).

The park-museum, which covers a collection of artist Paul Fuchs sculptures, made through the use of materials such as copper, iron, bronze, wood and the stone. The works have found a natural place among the trees of the wood and the area overlooking the house of the sculptor.


The name “Garden of Sounds” comes from the sound waves that are emitted by the sculptures, which tend to fluctuate in proportion to the intensity of the wind. The sound effects are made possible by the particular location and composition of the works, specially designed by the sculptor to create evocative musical effects, within an artistic context and nature of particular value.

The art park is open to visitors by appointment.
For visits tel. 0566 998221


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