Frantoio Terre di Capalbio

Here we work the olives grown in the neighboring  to Monte Argentario.

The oil is obtained only by cold pressing only with mechanical means to ensure the authenticity and quality of the product through a technologically advanced system capable of controlling every stage of the production process.
A special feature of our production is the denocciolotura olives that replaces the traditional pressing.
This method, unique in the area, allows for a more enjoyable oil to taste enhancing the fruity aroma and mitigating strong hints of bitter and spicy taste typical of Tuscan oils. The wide range of products offer is able to satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

Given the exceptional year,they are available again “The oil of the President” and “Bio-Logic”
In addition there are new formats available for “Terre di Capalbio” and “Bio-Logic




Our oil is produced only with first quality olives, grown using traditional methods in the surrounding area to the mill which, thanks to special processing, guarantees the lowest achievable level of acidity.

The olives subjected to a particular innovative working in this field, are deprived of the core first responsible for the acidity of the oil and, subsequently, the kneaded pulp at 26 ° is subjected to mechanical centrifugation to separate the oil from the vegetation and from pomace.


Products for sale

Tastings and sales from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 18.00
Sunday on reservation   (+39) 0564/890.600


Frantoio Terre di Capalbio S.r.l
Strada Provinciale Capalbio
, 1
58011 Capalbio (GR)


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