Frantoio San Luigi

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San Luigi mill, a family run business, was esthablish in 1992 by Paolo Sabatini, a man found of maremman food products, specially olive oil. The trademark “L’oro di Maremma” was registered in 1997. Our production is Carbon free from 2009. The only source of energy are solar power and our olive nut, respectively for eletricity and heat energy. Thanks to these choices we join the Association “Agricoltori Custodi della Comunità del Cibo a Energie Rinnovabii della Toscana” the first food clean rewanable energy world community.




San Luigi Mill for years attention to the environment, makes use of every scrap material from the extraction of the oil, to generate renewable energy with zero impact. Il Frantoio is also equipped with a photovoltaic system that allows it to be energy self-sufficient.


Olive to the pellet core

Husk nut is obtained in a natural and mechanical way using a smashing nut machine, we use no chemical way. This nut is an excellent alternative to the traditional combustible because it’s a natural granular combustible (biomass), suitable for heather, chimney and boiler. Actually husk nut is a cheap, ecological and high grade fuel , it reduces smokes and guarantees a longer life and less maintenance fee for the heather.



From the olive to biogas

Water, olive residues (full of humus) plus nitrogen are used in agriculture as natural manure. Advantages are big. Actualy organic manure makes soli more productive; prevent plan disease; allows farms to save money for chimichal fertilizer.



The mill is equipped with solar panels

In 2010, we achieved complete energy independence with the construction of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the mill. Covering an area of 500 square meters. panels have been installed that develop a power of 45 Kwh. This allows us to get clean electricity that powers our mill and made us a company 100% ecological eliminating the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere during the production cycle of our “Gold Maremma”



San Luigi Mill produces extra virgin olive oil in the Caldana, working local olives for packaging and marketing.

The quality of our oil depends on soil morphologic features; on the exposure, on the local olives variety ( frantoio, Moraiola, Leccina, Olivastra, Pendolino). The costant attention to the pruning, to the handling and to the environment make “L’oro di Maremma “ a really high quality product. Our oil, golden yellow with greenish reflections, has a fruity- sweet aroma: well-suited for bruschette and every type of condiment


Mrs Ida, for years, is dedicated to the production of flavored oils. The oils are processed with the traditional method, to maintain quality and reproduce the flavors of the true Tuscan tradition. The combination of tradition with the naturalness of the products of the earth, like chili, basil, garlic etc … are the result of an exclusive path of aromatization through the use of natural products, grown by us. The condiments, always based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, maintain the unique characteristics of our oil for a unique and original flavor to your dishes.




Tasting and sale

Monday to Saturday from 09 to 12 and 17 to 20



Località Basse di Caldana – Zona Artigianale
58023 Gavorrano (GR) – Tel. +39 0566 81790


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