Capo d’Uomo Cliff

Beautiful cliff situated in a lovely place dominated by the ruins of an ancient watchtower overlooking the sea, where its beautiful colors blend with the sky turned this place unforgettable. That of Capo d’Uomo is a stupendous vertical slab of white and gray limestone drops, holes and concretions with technical climbing and continuity. Equipped by the Romans and local climbers in the mid-nineties, nailing has suffered in the time of the nearby sea.

The work of bolting with stainless steel material, with contributions from Grosseto section of CAI and open new lines of ascent is the work of the Alpine Guide Valtellinese Eraldo Meraldi that armed holy patience has rearranged the cliff redeveloping this wonderful place. Now the cliffs of Capo d’Uomo Argentario has become (it already was, but wrongly forgotten) one of the most beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea of Italymore info




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