Tricosto “Capalbiaccio” Castle

The castle dates back to the twelfth century, when the settlement phenomenon known as “fortification” led to the flourishing of fortresses, monasteries and castles that characterized the Middle Ages not only in Maremma. Initially part of the possessions of the Abbey of the Three Fountains, then passed to the Aldobrandeschi family and later to the Orsini, to be finally destroyed in 1417 by the Sienese government, after the military conquest of the territories of Maremma.

The complex, of undoubted historical and artistic importance, submitted for protection by the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage, poured out for many years in a state of complete abandonment.

In 2006, following the purchase by the Soc. Cooperativa Construction “The Tricosto” to r.l., he was commissioned the study of Eng. A. Head for the implementation of the restoration project, aimed at the full exploitation of the village. [See project]

The restoration and rehabilitation conservative, agreed with the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Environmental and the Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage, they began in 2007





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