Frosini Castle

The Frosini Castle is located on Highway 73 “Senese-Aretina”, in the municipality of Chiusdino. Of ancient origins (it is mentioned in documents of the eleventh century), it belonged to the counts of Gherardesca and certainly played a very important role, especially for its strategic location on the “strada Massetana” leading from Siena to the metalliferous hills and to Maremma. By the 13th century the castle became part of the Dominion of the Republic of Siena.
In the hamlet of Frosini is located the Church of our Lady of good counsel, built in the 19th century by the architect Baccani.
The Castle has witnessed the presence of the Knights Templar who had used their mansion, the “Mansio Temples de Fruosina, a shelter for travellers and pilgrims, the Templars had built nearby (in the locality of Valloria, in the Valley of the River Merse) also a Romanesque church.
Currently the castle is privately owned.