The origin of Semproniano, according to tradition, dates back to the Roman Gens Sempronia and, in the area of Rocchette Fazio, they have been found archaeological remains of a farm dating back to the Etruscan period. The village just before the year Mille was part of the possessions of the Aldobrandeschi family, who ruled until the mid-fourteenth century, when the country was subjected to the Republic of Siena.



Close to a few clips from the walls, which originally surrounded the village, alongside the Romanesque church of Santa Croce, built in the Middle Ages and restored in the last century in neo-Gothic style, which preserves a precious wooden crucifix. Further down there are the Oratorio di San Rocco (small church located transformed into a monument to the fallen during the last century) and the Parish Church of Saints Vincent and Anastasius, built in the thirteenth century and restored in the late sixteenth century that preserves various paintings of the seventeenth century and an interesting holy water font shaped like a hand.






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