To retrace the millennia of history of Saturnia and surroundings, simply visit the urban archaeological area, recognized as the old Aurinia, with its remains of the city walls.

To mark the passage of the Romans and later the best preserved, the remains of the walls and its four doors, including under the best conditions as the Roman Gate entry into the country by the Via Clodia. Highlights some remains of public and private buildings.


The Church of Santa Maria Maddalena is the main church in Saturnia, in the municipality of Manciano, in the province of Grosseto.
The oldest mention of the Church dates back to 1188, but the current capacity of the building is due to the radical restoration of 1933. The Church preserves the precious Panel with Madonna and child between Saint Sebastian and Saint Mary Magdalene attributed to Benvenuto di Giovanni, the end of the century. XV, placed in a nineteenth-century processional residence created by a shop.



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